Wrong Choices – 12

The police called Abbey explaining they had found  someone behaving erratically  they took  into custody who claimed to her mother.  

Abbey went to the station, and collected her mother. One month of her life was erased getting her mother into a program.  Of course,  during this time, Abbey lost her job, lost her apartment.  

Taking it as a sign, she ran to another city, got another job, another flat.  It took her six months to get back to where she had been before Lunatic Lucy arrived….

Six months of her life, her young, happy life, was erased.

Abbey  poured herself a goblet of wine, returned to the sofa, lit another cigarette.  Although she had limited herself to four cigarettes a day, today was her birthday.

“Happy Birthday!” She called to herself, pretending to blow out the lighter.

Oh yes, where was she?

She was in a wonderful relationship with a handsome magnificent man named Baron when Lunatic Lucy arrived.  


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Written by jaylar

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