World News from Venezuela to Guatemala to India/Pakistan

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Venezuelans chant “No More Trump” as they march in the street, protesting Zionist USA sanctions and meddling. In Africa, many Africans march in solidarity with Venezuela. Europe and South America also support Venezuela.

Elections in Guatemala, hoping to improve their country by fighting corruption.

Hondurans want president to resign.

In Bolivia, many protest future violence against women and genocides.

Argentinian are also fighting corruption, hoping to unite and improve their country.

Indians occupy Kashmir and Jammu with military. China helps Pakistan to prevent genocide by India.

Barbados and Kenya will work together to improve their countries.

In NY, USA, Jeffrey Epstein found dead in his jail cell.

In Texas, USA, El Paso shooter was targeting Mexicans. He is being charged with murder and held without bail.

India’s flooding has killed over 95 people.

China typhoon kills 18 and 1 million people have been evacuated.

Spain experiences high temperatures and heat waves, creating forest fires and unsustainable agriculture. They feel climate change is negatively affecting their country.


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