Working on New Computer

Tuesday, 6.18.19

This weekend was a headache. I went to Best Buy to look for a computer with Windows 10 because my mouse kept freezing up on my screen and I couldn’t do much. When I went to Best Buy, I noticed they didn’t have much options. All they had were HP, Dell, and gaming computer. I decided to get a gaming computer with Samsung monitor, but when I brought it home, the computer wasn’t connecting with the monitor. I called the iBuyPower computer tech support twice, and they couldn’t figure it out. So, the 2nd guy told me to get exchanged with another one. Since the gamer computer didn’t have a cd drive, I decided to exchange it with another brand, which is either HP or Dell, and I don’t even care for either one. I actually wanted another ASUS computer, but Best Buy stopped carrying it as well as they cannot order one. So, I chose HP computer. I returned home to start it, and it worked with the Samsung new monitor. 

My old computer is still good, and I still like it, but it has windows 7, which fucking Microsoft doesn’t support anymore, and it keeps hinting me with pop-ups to save my stuff on external drive to prepare for computer issues in the future, in which is happening sooner than I thought. So, all Monday, I was trying to find my old sites and ids, and download stuff. I wasn’t able to do some sites because of the lagging. The Cox Communication guy came to hook up a new Contour TV box. I also noticed my plasma screen has a vertical green line on the side. So, I probably need to buy a new TV in the future. 

I am frustrated, trying to download sites and stuff like my old computer. The computer either lags or some issue. I cannot see to find myself on Skype. I didn’t sleep all Monday, working on this mess. I miss using my ASUS. I have a lot of stuff on it that I need. 

My new HP computer has wireless keyboard and mouse. When I put the AAA batteries in them. They didn’t seem to work. So, I am using my ASUS keyboard and mouse for now. I need to buy some new batteries to see if it works. 

I am stressing out trying to get my new computer with same or similar stuff as the old one. 


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