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Why won't you look at me? – Saturday Critters

These pictures come from the same day I took that of Tulip Buddy.

As I mentioned in the previous post, hunting in the city, we have some cats wandering in the area. 

They all seem to have owners, and sometimes, they’re friendly.

Kitty was strange, she would get close or show interest by lying on her back, but once we approached her or attempted to touch, she would run away.

Our guess was that she was pregnant. She had a heavy belly, as well.

I decided to take some photos of her, while she was chilling and looking at cars passing by. She was shy but didn’t mind being my model.

Unfortunately, all she did was looking at the cars. I couldn’t get any eye-contact.

Now I think she might have been waiting for her human mommy/daddy. 


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  1. I was told if a cat get on her back, she doesn’t wants you to touch her belly but she is asking for some patting … Just stroke her head and she’ll be happy. If you have stroked her belly, she’d feel betrayed … hmm… cats are weird sometimes :p

  2. What a gorgeous malanistic cat. She does look pregnant to me as well. There is nothing wrong with her fur. It is light grey on the bottom of the hair shaft, and turns to black on the same hair. When the hair blows in the wind or is parted it looks patchy.

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