Where Stupidity is Standard

If you look at the chart you will note the measurable decline in I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient). The fact is, the mental acuity that would have had one ranked as retarded (on the level of Forrest Gump ) is now ranked as ‘average’.

The world has been moving towards the dumbing down for many years. It is the result of pure nutrition, poor education, and the virtual penalization of those who are ‘too smart’.

In the 50s, with the Cold War raging, producing the best and the brightest was mandatory. Children were streamed at school. The most intelligent were segregated from the least. It was known, way back then, that groups tend to be controlled by the LCD… Lowest Common Denominator. The stupidest kid in the class controlled the class.

Where there was streaming, the difference between the most intelligent and least intelligent in a specific class of ‘bright’ children was slight. Where there is no streaming, the brilliant child is in class with the borderline retarded, and the dropping of standards to accommodate will bore the bright child, so that one can label him or her a ‘behaviourlal’ problem. Hence the child is punished for being too intelligent.

If one listens to a speech of the President of the United States today, the childish and vacuous vocabulary used would have brought laughter to a 6th grader in 1960. Today, as he speaks to those whose I.Q. is beneath Forrest Gump, there is a hanging on his every repeated word. Simply put, he is speaking to those who are as stupid or stupider than he is.

These are people who have no understanding of world events, cause and effect. These are those whose diets are made up of junk food, which has resulted in a limited capacity to think. This is expounded by the lack of streaming in schools, and various other factors.

As has often been said; one can not lead cats; one can lead sheep.

To reduce the human population to mindless sheep

is the method to control them.

The sheep don’t object to being led to the slaughter. ¬†They follow the goat without dissent.


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