When The Cold War Ended – 42 – End

America  plan of dumbing down its population has been successful.

Notice how few demonstrations there are compared to the  60s/70s.  A brief scan of that period will show marches, sit ins protests occurring on a weekly basis in all parts of the country.

Whether it was Civil Rights, Ending the War in Vietnam, Feminism,  Americans were passionate about their country. 

Today, most people couldn’t care less what America did, if they are even aware.  Many don’t follow the news, and have no idea when America entered Afghanistan, how long they have been there, how many Americans have been killed.

And they don’t care.

Most are not concerned beyond what they will eat and wear.

The evidence can be found with any slight investigation; even a skim of Wiki.

For example;  how many Americans, (including the President) were aware of how many countries China traded with before imposing sanctions.  How many Americans, (including the President) knew how many Americans grew soy beans for sale to China?

It was only after the imposition of the tariffs and China’s retaliation, that these facts were revealed and about Sixteen Billion dollars was paid in subsidies to American Farmers who were stuck with the product.

That few Americans are aware of this is not shocking.    

Without the possibility of War, without a strong enemy,  Americans sit back, grow fat and lazy.  Everything, from diet to education to leisure are geared to create the least intelligent, who gain high office, the End of the Cold War has heralded the end of the need for the best and brightest.



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