What Makes Up A Day?

The opening of eyes from a good night sleep.The food on the table.The cold water running from the faucet.The refreshing drink after every meal.The ability to see everything– the people, the surroundings.
The sunrise and the sunset.
The moon and the stars, sometimes, the thunder and the rain.
All these beautiful things, is this what makes up a day?
Everyday is not heaven for all of us.
Sometimes, we struggle and make mistakes.
Sometimes, we woke up bad, not feeling good, or sad.
And it is okay.

Good things together with the bad, is what makes up someone’s day.
And it’s up to you how to perceive it.
How you handle it.

Not everyone is having a good day.
Be kind, and don’t forget to smile!
I’m proud of you!


What do you think?


Written by Vanessa

Years Of MembershipContent Author

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