What Does the Future Hold?

When I think about the future, it causes me a certain amount of anxiety, but I try to let it go, as that achieves nothing.  Things are very unsettled for me at present, mainly in terms of my job and financial status. I am on a Bank,( i.e. long-term temporary) contract with my employer, and they may not have a job for me in the New Year, due to budgetary restrictions.  I just have to wait and see what happens about that.  It’s a worrying thought, but I can only  take it one day at a time.

I have been applying for other jobs for some time, so far have not come up with anything.  I am hoping against hope that either my contract continues at work from January 2019 onwards,  or I move on and find something else, preferably permanent. If neither of those things happens, the worst-case scenario is that I will end up with no job and having to claim state benefits again.  I will be quite gutted if it comes to that, but will just have to make the best of it.  I have already in the past had a good many years of living off benefits when I just couldn’t get a job – I had to leave my last full-time permanent employment on health grounds around 10 years ago now, and then it took me 9 years to find another full-time position  (and I was jobhunting constantly throughout all those years – I had applications in absolutely everywhere, but Britain was in the grip of a very bad recession at the time, so there was just  no work to be had).  So that is what worries me the most – the fact that if I lose my current job, it may take me years and years to get back to work again, like it did before.

I keep telling myself that even if the worst does happen, I will still cope with it.  It will be a big blow to me admittedly, but I will rally from it,  as  it won’t be any worse than anything I have been through before in my life, which has been a very hard and troubled one. I have been completely destitute, even homeless at one point,  for  long periods in the past, and survived it, and turned things around.  I have now built up such strength of character that I know I can now cope with anything life throws at me. (The only way things could really get any worse for me than they have already been in my life is if I had a complete health breakdown, became disabled, permanently incapacitated, blind, etc. I am in excellent health generally, so hopefully that won’t happen. But if it does, I have to just take it on the chin.)  I  keep positive, I keep doing everything I can, and I accept what can’t be changed,  and make the best of it.







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Written by Maggie Bailey

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