Wash Belly – 8

Colin had sold crack cocaine on a particular corner for four years.  He’d worked for a guy called Sliver, who paid him well enough.

Sliver was arrested with the product, before he’d packed it, and went to prison.  His Distro,  Cube, knew Colin, and promoted him.  

Colin needed a footman and chose Keith.

Instead of being the one to take the street risks, Col used Keith.  

If Colin  wasn’t making so much money, he’d have Keith arrested, just to blow up his mother.  But for truth, Keith was  useful.   Obedient, respectful, deferring.

Colin would observe from a distance,watching until the last gram was sold, then he’d meet Keith at a fast food place, take the money,  give Keith a pittance, distracting him with smiles and compliments, which  made Keith feel prized and important.

A year later, Colin involved Joey.

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Written by jaylar

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