Wash Belly – 66

After Miranda’s death, Colin continued to live in House 1, (half of which he had been bequeathed by her will) continued to rent out House 3, (which had been left to Keith and Joey).   Colin continued to pay taxes on both houses and do what needed to be done.

Keith and Joey, aware that House 3 had been left to them, still did nothing.

Years passed.  Then, suddenly, no doubt due to Keith’s second marriage to another money grubbing user, the brothers demanded House 3.

Keith and Joey, who had been at war since Joey and his wife bought House 5, and lost House 5, aligned against their beloved Unca Col.

After eight years of inaction, they demanded House 3.  Colin refused.  So they took him to Court.

For Colin, it was as momentous as going out for cocktails.


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Written by jaylar


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