Wash Belly – 60

Colin’s drug dealing  worked well until Keith married a woman anxious for citizenship.  Keith, easy to trick,  spent time with her when she was there so was unavailable to transport the weed.   

Joey wasn’t too bright and having to use him always made Colin anxious.

When wife was away, Keith was on spot, so Colin tried to have most of his product come during the summer, the last two weeks of December, and Easter.

Then Keith’s wife, getting her citizenship, dumped him, so Colin got his worker back, full time.

Joey, who, like his brother, was an easy mark,  got involved with a real scammer who married him and talked him into buying the house from Miranda.  

Joey didn’t know about the Will.  

Joey borrowed money,  bought the house, put his wife’s name on the title.   Shortly after,  the house was lost, the marriage was over.

So that was the end of House 5; the house Miranda had bequeath to Keith and Joey.  Now Colin  focused on getting House 3.


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Written by jaylar

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