Wash Belly – 56

Colin stood by his mother’s grave, telling her of the actions of her beloved Keith and Joey.  

He reminded her that they had paid not one cent for her medical care.  All that Chemotherapy and all those pills,  and putting aside that Medicare covered some of it, he covered the rest, including, transportation.

He reminded her that Keith and Joey had paid none of the taxes, repairs nor  mortgage on House Three.

Almost angrily, Colin reminded her that she had left Keith and Joey two houses in her will.   Left them two houses, left him, her own son, half of one.

He, her son who looked after her was to get a piece of one house.   While her beloved Keith and Joey did nothing but she had left them two houses.. 

“Oh, Mama, forgot.  They did something.. now.  They suing me.”

Keith and Joey were suing their ‘beloved’  Unca Col for fraud.

Yes, Mama, me who looked after them as kids, me who was always there for them, me who did everything for you, me who maintained both House 1 and House 3.  Yes,  Mama your worthless grandsons are suing me !


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Written by jaylar

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