Wash Belly – 48

Colin had been Keith and Joey’s  last shred of ‘family’.

They hated their parents; chasing them from their lives,  making tentative approaches when they believed  they had use.

Where Emma, the mother of Keith and Joey,  had taken her place on the sidelines quite comfortably, Nick, their father, would not. 

He had never liked his siblings, had nothing to do with them.  Going after Colin, his younger brother,as he had gone after his older sister, Lucy, was almost a gift to him.

Keith and Joey didn’t yet grasp that they had no one but their hated father.  Miranda, the ‘Great Mother’, their grandmother, was dead.    

Keith’s first wife had kicked him to the pavement,  Wife Two was not going to get rid of him until House 3 was settled.

Joey’s wife had tricked him into buying House 5. Getting her name on the Title, she then had one of her friends trick him into taking a mortgage  and ‘investing’ the money, so that she could get it and run.

All they had was Unca Col.  And they were taking him to Court.


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Written by jaylar

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