Wash Belly – 41

When Nick told his sons that Grandma left them House 3 they acted unconcerned.  

Joey no longer had Dina to set him on fire;  she had gone with the proceeds from House 5.

Keith didn’t tell his new wife about the house.   The way he hated his father words coming from that throat were permanently on mute.

Whether Keith and Joey believed there was  a Will or that House 3 was left to them, wasn’t a blink.  Knowing they were upsetting their father gave them pleasure.

Never for a pico second did Keith or Joey ever examine why they hated their parents.

That the words and sentiments came in Colin’s voice was not analysed.

Never considered reality was that when Keith and Joey returned to Miranda that second time, Colin put aside his resentment, pretended to love them, and in small steps made them hate their parents.


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Written by jaylar

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