Wash Belly – 35

When Dina met Joey, she thought;  Lunch is served.

Here was a stupid man who had no contact with his parents, whose only relatives were his Grandmother and Uncle in New York, and his brother Keith, who was living elsewhere with his wife.

As Grandma owned the house in which she lived, it would be a two step procedure.  Marriage, then get Joey to buy the house.

During the first days of her relationship with Joey, she filled his life with her family and her friends.  As they knew her program, they pretended to really like him, to defer to him,  to suck him into their world.

The singular Joey who had no one in his circle but Keith, (who was now owned by his wife, and distant) was now in the centre of a huge family/friend conglomerate.   He had never felt so secure and protected.

Which is exactly what was intended.

Dina used many little clandestine hints to get Joey to buy the house, which would deprive  Keith and end the relationship of the brothers.


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Written by jaylar

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