Wash Belly -32

Unknown to Joey, who had zero ability to ‘read’ people, Dina had set her sights on him because she thought he owned the house.

When Dina entered Joey’s life, Keith was living elsewhere with his wife.   His wife had married him to get American citizenship.   Keith didn’t know that anymore than Joey knew Dina had married him to get the house.

As Unca Col had owned and operated their brains for so long, thinking was difficult for them.

Colin had not merely turned them against their parents, he made their secretive and untruthful.   Needing them to sell drugs, he couldn’t have them too chatty.   He needed them to be unfriendly and suspicious.

Keith and Joey were suspicious of everyone they thought  more intelligent than they were.   This was most of the public.  Save those who knew how to play them.  Women who had use for them   played stupid.   This made Keith and Joey glow with a sense of smug superiority for those they felt their mental inferiors.

Both men were intellectually flawed.  They had not had much education nor did they appreciate the value.  They thought they were too smart to be  tricked.


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Written by jaylar

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