Wash Belly – 29

Joey’s wife, Dina,  convinced him to buy the house in which they lived from his Grandmother.  When Miranda asked Colin what he thought, a number of emotions warred for control.

Firstly, Colin had hated the idea that his mother, Miranda would leave Two Houses to her Grandsons, Keith and Joey, and only one half of one house to him, the beloved last child, the ‘wash belly’.

He’d found her Will during a search of a drawer and it had really upset him to learn this.

Keith and Joey were left House 5  in Florida and House 3  a few blocks from where Colin and Miranda lived.

Colin focused on House 3, taking it over, doing repairs, getting it remortgaged, meaning that no matter what, Keith and Joey could not inherit House 3 without forwarding a bag of money for his input.

Having met Dina, having seen through her like glass.   He knew exactly what would happen.

“Sure Mom,” he said to Miranda;  “Sell it to Joey…”

So the houses sold to Joey and Dina.  Keith would be cut out of house 5.

Colin bet himself a thousand dollars, Dina would capture the house and Joey would get nothing.

This meant that the only house Miranda could leave Keith and Joey was House 3 and that was already taken care of.


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Written by jaylar

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