Wash Belly – 26

Colin made sure to make a great show of paying the taxes on House 3, and using much of the loan to continue the repairs, repaying himself, but still keeping the original receipts.

Every month Colin paid the mortgage on time and bought a book in which he kept his receipts.

His nightmare was that  Keith or Joey would visit, call, show interest, have a conversation with Miranda.  But they didn’t.  

This surprised him.

Here was this ‘Great Mother’ they claimed to loved.  This ‘Great Mother’ who left them House 3 and House 5.

Yes, they didn’t know about the Will, (Colin assumed), but making no  move to contact their ‘Great Mother’ ?

Only seeing her when she came to Florida?

Had they realised that this ‘Great Mother’ propaganda he had  jammed into their brains was rubbish?  


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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