Wash Belly – 24

Miranda had worked two/three jobs throughout her life.   She had saved her money and now owned Five Houses.  

Three were in the ‘ghetto’,  the house where Colin was born, grew and lived, the first Miranda had bought. By his mother’s will, he got half that house, having to share it with his sister, Zena.

There was another ghetto house,  House 2 for Lucy,  the eldest sister, and Nick, the father of Keith and Joey to share.

House 3, the third ghetto house, was to go to Keith and Joey only.

House 4 a house in a decent section. went to Zena, alone.   

And the Best house,  the mansion in Florida, House 5, to Keith and Joey to Share!

Colin was so angry he could have torn the will, smashed the house.  But he didn’t.  He took a deep breath and made a plan.

House 3 was not far from where he lived in House 1.  It was well apportioned and rented to two different  families.    

Colin knew both of them, and visited House Three.  He turned on his big pretty smile and friendly style, and did his eye appraisal.


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Written by jaylar

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