Wash Belly – 14

When Keith and Joey were sent away, Colin was on his own.  He had no one to send to the kitchen to make him a meal, and no fool he could stand on a corner to sell drugs for pocket change.

Colin spent a few days in deep boredom while his mother, as usual, slept and went to work.   It was not hard to avoid her for days.

He considered the situation with Cube, his supplier.   Colin told him that he’d have to lie low, the cops had seen him and that he was flat broke.

As Colin was one of many of Cube’s dealers, it didn’t matter. 

Slipping out of that noose, sitting around, doing nothing,  Colin decided that selling ganja was a wiser move.  

Firstly, he had connections to the Jamaican community which he enhanced by visits to various relatives on the Island.

Secondly, he’d met a major player in the import business, and was able to buy in.  

The ganja would arrive by an unschedule flight, land in some field in Florida be unpacked and driven to Atlanta by pawns.

And Colin had the perfect pawns.  


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Written by jaylar

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