Wash Belly – 10

The drugs had been left in a particular dumpster.   Keith and Joey approached and opened it.  Joey had an empty soda tin.  As Keith went to take the drugs, suddenly there were men rushing towards them.

Keith and Joey ran, leaving the drugs.  

They raced home, telling Miranda lies, how they had gone to throw away a soda tin, and didn’t know there were drugs in the bin.  

Miranda didn’t question. She was usually tired and disoriented.  The way her grandsons spoke, she expected the police might knock on the door any second.

Colin had seen what happened,  but being out of focus, could saunter home as if he hadn’t been anywhere near the scene and act surprised by the events.

Miranda was hysterical.  To protect her beloved grandchildren she immediately  sent them to the airport, to fly to another city where she had just purchased her fifth house.


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Written by jaylar

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