Was Matthew Hedges a Spy?

Matthew Hedges had been sentenced to life in prison in the United Arab Emirates for spying.  He was just granted pardoned by the rulers of the (UAE) and will be released.

There had a been a world wide outcry and the British government worked intensely to have him released.

Although receiving a Pardon and being granted release, the question remains;  was he a spy?

Matthew Hedges had come to the UAE to  research  relationship between the military and civilians for his Ph.d thesis.

When he went to fly back to Britain in May, he was arrested and charged with using his status as an academic to spy on the UAE military.

Living in Jamaica, having experienced the Underthrow by the CIA in the 1970s, (a similar process to that used in Chile)  I am very alert to the uses of such data by governmental agencies.

The topic Hedges selected is rather peculiar.   There is no use of the topic save for espionage purposes; that is to learn how to use the civilians to undermine the military.

Those who have taken the time to educate themselves on the ‘Arab Spring’ know that it was very much orchestrated by the British SAS along with their CIA cousins.

To Underthrow a nation, that is to get the people to rise up against the government, you have to know what is important to them.    You have to study the culture, you have to do a serious amount of personal investigation.

The topic chosen by Hedges is precisely the kind that would be selected by the SAS.

Perhaps England thought the leaders of the UAE were stupider or less alert than they are.   The  furor put into getting this man back, contra that exerted for others, suggests he is quite important to England.



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