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Wacky Wednesday – The Clown From Murano

The Clown From Murano  –  photograph  –  © 2018 – Howard Faxon

In Murano, Italy glass has been made for over 700 years. Murano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon. Venetian glass is thought to have been made for 1500 years and became concentrated on the island sometime around the thirteenth century. Europe’s first major glass center is now the home of many showrooms and glassblowing studios. When people think art glass they think of Venice. You can get an idea of lots of Venetian glass is here.

This is a still life of a handmade glass clown from Murano for Wacky Wednesday. This clown has appeared in my collages more than a few times. He’s happy and wacky. Happy Wacky Wednesday everyone.


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  1. Geez howard can you stop clowning around for one minute? 🙂

    My cousin owns a glass blowing shop in Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. His dream was to go to Murao and learn. He did, and he is an amazing glass artist!

    • I was a hot glass furnace worker in the late eighties and the whole nineties. There are probably people we have in common. The glass world wasn’t that big back then. I just really like working with glass. I taught classes at a non-profit for a few semesters. I don’t make other people’s designs any more. Just my stuff and very rarely lately.
      I was given this clown because my friend’s husband was scared of clowns. Couldn’t have it in the house.

        • That’s cool – I think part of how I got hooked was from Williamsburg when I was a kid. Some people – once they try it can’t stop and that was me.
          I made a lot of glass that’s out there floating around. I do remember that as a kid it looked like magic to me. It all starts with a bubble. The woman who walked me through my first piece said that.

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