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Unreachable ~ 365 Photos Challenge #214

Yesterday, in an executive meeting on the formulation of strategic planning and a new vision or revision of a company, I attended as one of the three resource persons to initiate and accompany the activity. The reasons are that the company has experienced a serious decline in its business for several reasons.

After the CEO expressed the importance and urgency of this activity and the subsequent process, the first speaker who was talked before the audience was a motivator. Of course, he talks about motivation, strong confidence, and the importance of willingness to achieve the vision. The essence is “Nothing is impossible to achieve in this world”. He even explained and proposed subjective communication and the Law of Attraction as a solution to pursue the dream of a company that is currently problematic. Once the motivator has finished speaking, the meeting leader asks the participants to postpone the question until all speakers have a chance.

The second speaker is a management expert who talks about the importance of developing strategic planning based on an evaluation, and thorough consideration and still suggests that the vision and goals to be formulated are based on the SMART approach. As the last speaker, I was asked to provide input on corporate culture and service transformation.

As the discussion session begins, the mood has heated up since the first question. The CEO and motivator were heavily criticized and pitted with input from management experts, and my input too. The LOA is contrasted with SMART restrictions, and others, even with religion rules. The atmosphere gots very hotly. It seems that all of the latent frictions have been spilled in discussions plus disagreement with motivator views and some aspects of management proposed by management experts. The reason is pitted with reason. Theories are confronted with theory, as well as philosophy, even scriptural verses. That’s it, the mind is pitted with intellectual, the mind was confronted with conviction, even faith is being opposed. That session becomes very dangerous!

As a corporate culture consultant, I think this is a unique phenomenon that should be returned as feedback to them. As I interrupted the heat of the atmosphere that filled with sharp argument, I asked, “I know that we all know apples, but who among us ever tasted the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate? Or, who of you can do an astral traveling to see the fate of this company five or ten years to come? “. No matter how smart we are, no matter how much your degree, no matter how much your experience, all of it has limits. What is out of the limit is a mystery, a secret unattainable by our limited intellect and faith. So, let all this be input and consideration to formulate your vision, but leave all the contradictions here, in this room today. Use all the wealth of knowledge, competence, integrity, experience, even your faith to determine the life of this company, which concerns your future as well.


What do you think?


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    • I think you put a good quote here, my friend. Indeed, throughout our lives, we live with problems, both that coming to us and those we take or attend. That’s why learning is also a necessity of all time, to conquer ourselves and the problems that are with us.

    • Indeed chaotic, my friend. Well, that is, many who master the theory and so excited to talk about it, may also they feel have done it but fail, and the suggested “new” theory is disputed under various excuses “you know what?”, because people are generally reluctant to be criticized, reluctant to admit their mistakes and throw fault and responsibilities. Like the samurai, have the same katana type but have different techniques and stance of use, and each person feels that they are the sword master.

      So instead of agreeing to find the right strategy and stance to deal with the situation, they are opposed to the other stance on offer even though their stance has been proven to fail. Then something hard becomes more difficult is not it?

  1. The reality of a room filled with the smartest people in the room. What a great post-Albert. I’ve talked about the same problem many times. We talk, talk, talk but never to each other. It is the problem of talking at each other that limits us!

    • You are right, Doc. Talking to each other is a huge problem. It is a matter of lacking mutual understanding, weak culture, less respect for each other, and fail of alignment. I told them, “Knowing is not the same as believing and understanding. Believing not the same as understanding and experiencing. Knowing, believing, and experiencing is not always become an awareness.” If you understand and aware of your true self, beyond your knowledge, your pride, you’ll understand each other and your costumer too and the way to serve them well and effectively.

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