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Unmissed – 8

During the two years of Czar Charles’ ‘reign’,  some  really good people left the job.

There were mini strikes and mini protests and Senior Management had been called on more than one occasion to undue the damage Czar Charles created.

A few of the Czar’s actions:

He had filed complaints against Owen for refusing a direct ‘order’, (which went against company policy)  complained about Sean for always being late, wanted to report Connie for punching him out but was warned that she’d file a sexual harassment suit, so didn’t.

Then Jeffery Charles died. He died at the office.  He died when in his pontificating egotistical manner, electrocuted himself.  

Everyone who had been there at the time had either stood and watched or ran.  

I wasn’t there, but I understand he was thrashing around with the electrical bolts.

I forget who it was who eventually shut off the power, or who called Emergency, and Jeffery Charles was removed from the office.


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