Funeral home interior of a japanese style

Unmissed – 5

Jeffrey Charles was a short bombastic racist, sexist, pig.  He threatened firing for any assumed insult or error.

As he entered a room, everyone left, unless they were forced to remain.

Where many of us had, before his appointment, arrived early.  We do so because we cared and wanted to be there.  We now arrived early because traffic was not as heavy.

We arrived early but didn’t go in. We hung out in the parking area until bang on 8:59 when we’d slowly walk to the entrance.  The parking area had a covered walk way leading to the front door which became the hang out.

Where many of us had stayed to complete what we were doing so that leaving was more like 5:15 than 5:00, now at 4:48 everyone was racing out as if the building was on fire.

Where we often skipped lunch or took it at our desks, we started slipping out at 11:50 and returning at 1:10 or so.

In short, we spent the least time we could at our desks doing as little as possible. 


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