Funeral home interior of a japanese style

Unmissed- 1

The Memorial Service for Jeffery Charles was to begin at 10:00 am. It was to be held in the 6th floor conference centre.

It was close to 10:20 when I walked the 6th floor corridor.   Miss Carpon stood in the hall,  gave me a hopeful smile.  I nodded, walked passed her,  snatched two tiny chocolate muffins from the side table, and continued. I passed the open doors, which revealed a completely empty auditorium.

I went up to the roof, ate my muffins, smoked a cigarette, was joined by co-workers, (who had also taken their snacks)  and we discussed the recent football match.

About  10:40 when I came down.   I passed the conference room, which was still empty, I took the last two chocolate muffins, and went to my ‘post’.


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