Unmasking of America – 25

Bad Friend

The United States has always been allies with some of the worst governments.

Supporting Duvalier in Haiti, for example, is just one example.  Virtually bowing the knee to Saudi Arabia, is another.

As America is controlled by oil tycoons, it isn’t a surprise.  Obviously there is more to the story.

Why would America ‘land of the free’  be an ally of one of the most repressive dictatorships on the planet if its pockets weren’t stuffed?

That most of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi, welcomed into America, given training as pilots. so had no problem commandeering four planes and crashing three without issue into the World Trade Towers and Pentagon should have provoked some response from America.

It didn’t.

America went after Afghanistan and Iraq.  

That America continued to train Saudi pilots in America, not in Guam or some other venue seems incredible.  Unless one comprehends that there is some ‘special’ link between the two nations where the Saudi’s are on top.


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