Unmasking of America – 24

America has always been able to use a member of a group to betray the other members.  

America has the uncanny knack for locating or creating that Judas who will betray his/her own people for relatively little gain.

Recently, with the pandemic, it became clear to all those who have operating brains, (whether in America or elsewhere)  that the cost  of vaccines required would be cataclysmic.  

Consider;  there are 7.8 Billion people on Earth.  

There is not going to be enough vaccinations available for 1 Billion people in a year.

What to do?

America’s tried and true policy is to get Judas to lead ‘his people’ away from the vaccination.

Louis Farrakhan has, since the murder of Malcolm X,   been able to push to the front as the voice of African American.

Getting him to discourage Black Americans from taking the jab is so easy.    

One speech,  and thousands, maybe millions of Black Americans will back off, leaving more available to white people.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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