Two Sides – Paula – 2

Because Paula had turned to face Connie, she could see the gal who sat at the counter.   As she was wearing dark glasses, her eyes were not visible.   It seemed she was focused on Connie when actually she was examining the gal.

The gal wore a tight short dress, and was looking at Jack.   Paula did a quick eye cut to note that Jack was looking at the gal.  The gal  made a small smile, moved her knees apart.

Paula saw this but kept a smile on her face, appeared to be totally focused on Connie and her babble.

Then Jack said something about ‘refill’ and took up his glass and moved to the counter.

Connie was animatedly talking, her back to the counter.  Paula faced her.  And just beyond Connie’s left ear, Paula could see her boyfriend, Jack, going to the gal  at the counter..


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Written by jaylar

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