Trump longest government shutdown break the record of Bill Clinton Government shutdown in 1995-96.

The Trump government shutdown is the biggest shutdown ever in the history of US and in the near future do not appear to be the end of this political breakthrough.

As a result, eight million federal employees have not got the salary, and they are advertising to sell their goods, while an important airport is considering closing a terminal completely. This partial shutdown reaches its 22th day by heading the President Bill Clinton Government shutdown record of 21-day in 1995-96.

President Donald Trump has denied the budget approval as long as it does not include money to build a wall on the Mexico border. While the Democrats House Representatives have rejected their $ 5.7 billion Trump demand. In this political breakdown, the work of about one-thirds of the government’s work is stagnant and almost eight lakh employees have not got a monthly salary.

On Friday, millions of other employees with jail guards, airport staff and FBI agents did not get the first salary of the year this year. President Trump has set up the estimation of National Emergency Declaration to ignore the Congress to achieve the necessary funds for construction of the wall and announce national emergency.


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