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Tree Silhouettes in the Park: Just for Fun

I love photographing trees at any time of day, but I especially enjoy photographing them at dusk or on stormy days. At those times I can best capture their silhouettes. I took this set of photos in the middle of April while walking in Larry Moore Park near my Paso Robles home. I believe these photos were taken of the same cottonwood tree from different angles. This is the same cottonwood tree whose history I traced in another Just for Fun Challenge Post, The History of a Cottonwood Survivor.

The day was cloudy and the sun was thinking about setting. I usually take my walks in the late afternoon, and I always take my camera. This tree is near where two paths intersect and I usually take my photos from each path. The photo below was taken from a different spot as the one above, but it’s the same tree.  You can see that if you compare the branch structures.

The photo below was taken on May 3. It’s the same tree, but the sun had already set.

I believe the previous two photos look like two trees because the trunk crotch where they divide is hidden in the dark part of the photo.

This last photo, below, was also taken in the park on May 3. It’s a different tree, closer to the river.

Which tree do you like best? The one in the first three photos or the taller one  above.

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  1. Honestly I like both trees. They are cool looking in that form. They have a pleasing eerie feeling about them. Which I feel can lend themselves to many things. a perfect photograph, an awesome album cover, a painting of one from an artist. Those images are the type one could look at everyday.


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