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Traffic Jams ~ 365 Photos Challenge #21

As usual, on weekdays, the daily commute to go and get home from work always takes time and concentration. But that does not mean that during the weekend weekends the road doesn’t experience traffic jams, it can be more severe, especially in residential areas in the suburbs. If on weekdays traffic congestion can take two hours trip from office to home, on holiday for the same route can be four hours.

The photo above is a picture of the traffic jam I took after the two-hour drive home from work this afternoon for about two-thirds of the entire trip. As the city with the third highest traffic jam rate in the world after Mexico City and Bangkok, without self-awareness and patience, driving a vehicle in Jakarta has the potential to trigger stress.

Well, it’s not just traffic jams that can trigger stress but anything, even without any trigger. Like when this afternoon I met an old friend who seemed very wise and kind during our encounter. He always praised his virtue and always judged everything outside him as bad and negative. He even forgets by chronologically upon his own stories about the ugliness of others ten minutes earlier that contradicts the next story version of the same person. Smile and understanding are all I can give him.

As usual, I inform that anyone can join in on this fun photo challenge which was started by John artbytes26 . Just please be sure to check out Art’s rules and guidelines for the challenge in this post 365 Photos Challenge.


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  1. Awe the traffic jam… I am lucky that I do not have to commute with the traffic. My last job was 10 minutes away on a busy day, and the next one, is an hour away, but the traffic jams the other way on the freeway. When i lived in the desert my commute was over an hour. Time to turn up the music and enjoy an unwind period..

  2. I’m a friend of that, I love to believe – my place has so many inhabitants as there is one bigger street, there is a whole chaos with us

  3. Traffic jams are an opportunity to be more mindful. Be more aware of what is going on around you and live in the present moment. This article shows how this can be done. Thank you.

  4. Traffic jam is one of the reasons I love the countryside (I used to think that city living is the best) and whenever we go out of the country, we still head to the countryside most of the times. The air is fresher and people are nicer (less stress, see). And whenever my sense of self-righteousness is surfacing, I remind myself – the way we see other people reflects the way we see ourselves. Perhaps your friend does not know that. Lol!

      • Lol! That last comment made me smile. When I was new in the path, a Hindu told me: “You know doing and thinking are two different things. Jogging is different from thinking of jogging.” So, I stop rationalizing and just do – and be.

        • I am so happy that you have become be. But if others choose (with or without conscious) to simply know, what we can do? That’s the role they play in this life and we should appreciate their acting and for their willingness to choose that role. Imagine if no soul who willing to take the role as Judas I. (who has been reviled throughout the ages) in the story of Christ. Hahaha…

          • We are given what our souls need. Someone has to play a role in this mummery. Altho deep in my heart, I wish this is my last trip here hahaha. Before I get into the path, I had that sense of longing to go “home” and sometimes the ache to be home was overwhelming. Hanging my head crossed my mind a number of times (and this was at the time our business was doing well, take note, that there is no apparent reason for me to think that way).

        • That’s it! One more thing in common about us, longing to go “home”. I felt a long long unease. Ongoing questions of self and its collision with the teachings, the “reality of life” of society in the neighborhood and other things.

          • Well, before I get into the path, it was not a good feeling to have…but now, whenever I feel that, I just pour it in my writing. Basically, I write in random fashion not knowing where I will end.

  5. Sadly traffic seems to be something none of us can escape. I’ve managed to sit in traffic every day this week except today (working from my home office). It is just stressful!

  6. I hate these congestion. Years ago, in one big one, I made a crash. It was a terrible and terrible nervous experience. Now I do not want to hear that there is a congestion anywhere.