Trade Off – 10

“Makes a whacky kind of sense…”  said Lena as she and Gavin sat sipping coffee on the plaza near the office.

It was after work, neither rushing home.  

Lena and Gavin had met at the office,  formed an easy friendship. Gavin liked how she thought.   Further,  Lena was old enough to be his mother so that aspect of relationship did not exist.  

Interestingly, she knew Tasha,  so had been informed of Marie’s ‘unbalance’.    

Lena had referred to it and Gavin was anxious to excrete his emotions so told her how he coped with Marie.   At the end she spoke.

“You have a free maid, yes, and sex?” Lena asked.

“I stopped having sex with her right after that … exhibition,”   Gavin admitted. “She doesn’t attract me.  If she is naked I look away because she’s that physically repulsive to me.”

“So you’ll ‘shack up’  with Marie until…..?”

“Until I know where I’m going.  I don’t know if I’ll stay at the office, I don’t know … anything, to be honest.   Right now, I’m just going with the tide.”

“And then?”

“Look, I’m not (he made finger quotes) faithful to her because well,  I don’t have sex with her.   I’m not into her at all, so if she was a dog it wouldn’t be different…”

“Dogs don’t cook…”

Gavin chuckled;  “There’s that…”


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Written by jaylar

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