Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in JEE Main Preparation

To crack an exam like JEE Main 2019, implementing right techniques are extremely important. Silly mistakes and wrong methods while preparing for the exam may dampen your performance by a great deal. With lakhs of students heading into the same direction as you are, it becomes highly important to watch every single step you take.

JEE Main is one of the biggest and the most competitive engineering entrance exam in India. It is a gateway for admissions to BTech programmes at IITs, NITs, IIITs and GFTIs. Every year, more than 10 lakh engineering aspirants appear for JEE Main which makes the competition pretty tough.

With the exam fast approaching, aspirants must be under immense pressure to crack the exam. But as intelligent as you might be, mistakes are ought to occur, which will in-turn affect your overall performance. To help you through this, we share the top 10 mistakes you should avoid in JEE Main 2019 preparation.

Time Management

Time management is crucial to crack JEE Main 2019. Attempt the section/questions you are confident about. A lot of students get hung up on questions which should be avoided. More time should be spent on the subject you are weakest at.

Ignoring NCERT Books And Avoiding The Basics

One of the best books to prepare for JEE Main as well as JEE Advanced is NCERT. However, sometimes engineering aspirants tend to ignore studying from these books. The level of questions asked in JEE Main exam are a notch higher as compared to the questions asked NCERT books. If not anything, NCERT books teach you the basics pretty well which is the first step towards cracking JEE Main 2019.

Not Following A Time-Table

Creating a time-table to prepare effectively for JEE Main is very important. Generally, students do make a daily plan/ schedule but hardly follow it ever. Making these schedules will never help you win the JEE Main exam battle. What’s going to help you crack the exam is working on the time-table with full dedication.

Giving Up On Hobbies 

Students, in order to divert their attention towards JEE Main, end up doing things they love. Quitting your hobbies does no good to your preparation strategy. All it does is reduce enthusiasm and increase stress level of the brain. A stress-free mind is able to grasp and retain more information than a mind filled with only stress. Moreover, keeping yourself involved in physical activities will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Avoiding Proper Sleep A Day Before The Exam

This is one of the most common mistakes students make during JEE Main preparation. Sleeping for good 7 hours or more before the exam day is very important for the brain to work efficiently. Not only a day before JEE Main 2019 exam, but maintaining a good sleeping pattern all through the prep stage is important. Candidates should study during the day and sleep at night.

Studying New Topics In The Last Week

Studying new topics in the last week before the exam gives way to nervousness and uncalled for negativity. During the last week, all that candidates should focus on is revising JEE Main exam topics they have already prepared.


Candidates typically become over-confident after scoring well in JEE Main mock tests. Remember, good performance and scores in JEE Main 2019 mock tests does not guarantee good scores in JEE Main exam. Confidence is the key to success but over-confidence can lead to failure.

Not Giving Equal Attention to Each Subject

This is one mistake a lot of JEE Main aspirants make. Giving equal weightage to all three subjects of JEE Main – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics – is of utmost importance. Each of these sections in the exam comprises 90 questions worth 4 marks each. Thus, preparing and giving importance to every section equally the key to score well in JEE Main 2019.

Not Attempting Enough Mock Tests

Taking enough number of mock tests is essential to score well in JEE Main. Aspirants sometimes fail to do so. Mock tests are one of the ways you can evaluate your preparation level for the exam and strategize your prep plans for the future. JEE Main 2019 mock tests will also make you familiar to the types of questions in the exam.

Not Reading Instructions Well Enough On the Exam Day

Many aspirants skip reading and following the instructions given on the JEE Main question-papers/test booklet. This should be avoided at all cost. Reading test booklet instructions as well the instructions given on JEE Main 2019 admit card carefully is critical.


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