Too Late – Teresa – 3 – (end)

As bad as the lay out of the house, it was exacerbated by Teresa.

Firstly, she was obstreperous, annoying, loud and with her own twisted views.

Secondly, she  would always say she was ‘broke’.   The conversation didn’t have to be about money.  

Every day,  she would mention she was broke, which made tenants feel uncomfortable.  

Would she be able to pay the electric bill?  The water?  If something in the flat needed work, could she fix it?

Teresa didn’t realise it was her words, her behaviour which chased the tenants.

She kept thinking that she should try something else, and kept implementing new and different policies which were virtually the same.

It was too late for her to grasp the fact that if she left her tenants alone, if she wasn’t always complaining about money, she might have been successful.


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Written by jaylar

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