Too Late – Teresa – 2

Teresa got the idea to rent out the rooms as a B & B for short stays. She assumed she would make more money and have lots of short term tenants paying high rates.

The problem she didn’t seem to notice, was  the layout of the house.  

That these bedrooms were right by the front door, those bedrooms were way in the back in a totally different section.

The washing machine was in that section, which meant a journey through one entire section of the house, requiring those in the back to have to knock on a door to gain access to a section of the house they did not have the key.  

The stove was in that kitchen, so those in this part had another journey.

People who were looking for more than just a bed would take the room for a day or two, then go away.

Very few returned and then, in a sour kind of resignation, meaning they couldn’t find or afford somewhere else.


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Written by jaylar

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