Too Late – (Pamela) – 8

Pamela ceased to look in the direction of Irma’s flat.   She’d pass, leaving or returning,  giving Irma her profile at best.

The other tenants ignored Irma, especially those in Room 5.

The gals of 5 passed Irma’s flat,  talking loud to each other or into their phones, as if striving to gain attention.   If their faces were turned towards Irma, they wouldn’t meet her eyes.   Pass as if they didn’t see her.

Why bother with Irma?   They had already ‘won’.

All Gina and Meka wanted was a do nothing recluse of a Manager who wouldn’t bother them.

They didn’t want to hear her complaints, they wanted to do what they pleased.

With no one ‘on her side’ Irma would be stranded.   Which was why they’d locked her off from Pamela.


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Written by jaylar

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