Too Late – (Pamela) – 7

If Pamela had no life and wanted to play the game, she’d do a back and forth to have Irma’s door swinging off its hinges.  But she took it with a shrug.

The Uglies, however, took the closing of the as others would receive a gold ring or a new car.

Irma, of course, was oblivious to their machinations, thinking that their words were true.

Knowing a bit of Pamela’s movements,  Irma could close the door just before Pamela departed in the morning, and as soon as she was gone, open it again.

When Pamela returned Irma would see her at the gate, close the back door, watch her pass on the camera, then reopen.

Pamela threw away her garbage just before sundown.   She wouldn’t stop on her way out.  Irma could easily close the door right after she passed and not reopen until she was in her flat.

Irma didn’t think how stupid her behaviour was.


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Written by jaylar

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