Too Late – Nancy – 4

Nancy listened to the story not with compassion but contempt.  She didn’t imagine how Jennifer felt,  she didn’t consider age or experience.  All Nancy heard was that she had been abandoned.

She didn’t offer a kind word, a tear, a nod, she glared at Jennifer and then, stood, and pounded out of the Diner.

She marched to the bus station, got her ticket, and sat in boiling anger until boarding.  She rode the bus back to the city where she lived.

She went home, angry, cold, and didn’t call her husband.

When Hal arrived home and found her, he went to embrace but she pushed him away.  She was cold and angry and wouldn’t talk to him.

He tried to give her space, tried to be understanding, but she acted so cold and angry, demanding to be alone.

Hal tried. 

For one week he tried.

Then he had enough.  He took a week’s vacation from his job, went off on a fishing trip with a few pals.

When he returned, Nancy didn’t even react.   Not to his absence nor his return.  It was as if he no longer existed in her world.


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Written by jaylar

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