Too Late – Corinne – 7 [end]

Burt threw back his head and laughed.   It was a horrible sound, a mix of a donkey braying and a dog  howling.

Burt laughed until tears rolled down his face, although Corinne could see nothing funny in her past statement.

In fact, tears began to burn the corners of her eyes.

Molly, that fantastic woman with the wild hair, and gleaming smile was never Burt’s girlfriend.  Although the common eye might think they were together, it was just a sham.

Burt was to pretend to be her boyfriend.

Molly had taken him Burt with her to work as the Owner of the Guest House had been a little too friendly.   She had assumed if he saw her with a big muscular man like Burt, he’d back off.  Which he did.

Burt explained to Corinne that Molly had only taken the job at that guest house to give her experience before starting a more demanding one at a better place which paid more money.

Corrine looked at Burt, for maybe the first time.   He wasn’t handsome, he wasn’t even passingly attractive.  He wasn’t anything.   He was just a big construction worker type,  whose appearance was off putting.

Corinne had thought he was with Molly, and getting the eye of a man who was with a magnificent woman like Molly …

Corinne felt more than stupid.  She looked at Burt, seeing him with new eyes.  It was far  too late for her to go back to start.


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Written by jaylar

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