Too Late – Corinne – 6

The day after Molly left, Corinne moved into Burt’s house.  They had a few days together before he went back to work.

Her vacation was over, she should be returning home… but she would stay with Burt as long as she could.  She found a job to give her roots in the town.

Her life flowed quietly, then, Corinne realised she was pregnant.  Hesitantly she told Burt who was ecstatic.  Puzzled, Corinne asked about Molly.

“She’s fine.”

“Does she know about us?”


“What did she do?”

“Do about what?”

“Wasn’t she your girlfriend?”

“My girlfriend?  No.  Never…” Burt laughed.

“Oh, I thought… I mean when I saw you two…”

Burt laughed the harder.


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Written by jaylar

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