Too Late – Corinne – 4

Molly was not just pretty, she was vivacious. clever, bright, full of humour, and nice.   She knew how to talk to people, make them laugh, and feel comfortable.

Corinne felt blessed, as for the most of the day, save lunch, she had Burt to herself.  She was liking him more and more.

The surprising thing was that Burt was liking her.

He wasn’t handsome or well educated, but he had something.  He had to be somebody if a  woman like Molly, who could have anyone, was with him.

The next day, Burt took her for a ride on Molly’s motorcycle. Corinne clung to him, pretending fear, but loving him in her arms.

He took her to the house where he lived, and they kissed.  Corinne wanted more and Burt didn’t resist, he began to initiate.

They made love that afternoon, then drove back, arriving at four.

Molly had been looking for Burt.

Fortunately, Molly wasn’t on the porch when they arrived which gave Corinne the chance to get out of sight.


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Written by jaylar

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