Too Late – Akona – 6

Akona needed to see her mother, Sarah.   Needed to give her a chance to say she was sorry.  That’s all she had to do.  Say she was sorry for leaving her with Zinzi and everything would be fine.

She rang  up her mother.

In previous calls,  calls that Sarah made, Akona was icy, and Sarah had tried to break that ice.  This time, Akona tried to be sunny, but Sarah was a bit chill.

Akona said she would come to visit and Sarah told her not to bother as they were going off on vacation.  

Akona asked where, Sarah responded; “Why?”

“What do you mean, why?”

“Look, I just buried my mother, I don’t want any psychodrama from you right now.”

“What are you talking about?”  Akona barked.

“I’m talking about your constant blaming of me for everything that happened to you.”

“Mom, I just want you to say you are sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”

“How can you ask that!” Akona nearly shouted.


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Written by jaylar

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