Too Late – Akona – 5

Zinzi was always an old woman interested in her old woman things.  She made sure   was food on the table, using  the money Rachel  (then Akona)  sent her.   It might be the lowest quality, but it was always there.  

Zinzi had no time or energy for day trips or taking Akona (later Zoe) anywhere but church.  Church, and funerals.  

Zinzi had no television and didn’t want one.  She kept her radio on the news or religious programs.   No music but church music played in Zinzi’s house.

Akona, (later  Zoe) had not been allowed to go anywhere.   They were to go to school and come right home.

Akona had rebelled.  She had snuck at night,  gone places, and snuck back in.  

She’d gotten pregnant, didn’t realise it until it was too late.   Zinzi cursed her and refused to let her have an abortion.  

Akona gave birth to Zoe.

When Zoe was two months old,  Akona had run away to get a job, sending money, as her mother had sent money to her.    Everything Akona had gotten over the years, from an education to a good job was by her own hand.

Zinzi was no great mother.    

Akona only made those claims to hurt her mother,  Sarah.  Just as Zoe said it to hurt her.


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