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Thursday's Reflections and some shadows too!

Yesterday I went hiking with my daughter in law and youngest son. 

We hiked five miles down to a little waterfall area and ended up by taking a lot of reflection photographs. 

Here they are. I hope you enjoy them. 

It was a really fun day. 

#1 Carson’s Crossing

This is the place where the first wagon trains crossed this creek coming from Yuma Arizona. 

#2 It’s just water under the bridge.

A walk bridge that is, at Carson's Crossing in Rancho Penasquitos, California. 

#3 Meika

After a nice swim. The blue sky reflecting off of the water..

#4 Meika and Luna

#5 Sunlight


 This boulder cracked when it fell, but I took this because of the sunlight reflecting off of the boulder, highlighting the face of the crack.

#6 Same shot

an hour later, you can see the sunlight in that hole made by the crack at the water line..  

#8 A tiny bit of sunlight

in the water. I will share more of this hike very soon. I thought these worked well for Thursday's reflections. I hope you liked them. 

Have a great day! 


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  1. Dylan and Raven say thank you for the walk pictures. Dylan was wondering if you saw any have thats (which is anything Dylan thinks he can catch and eat!)

        • I thought they were going after those pesky wabbits, so I let em go. Then I saw the deer… No calling em back from that. The appeared ahead of on the trail about three minutes later.

          • This area was leash only, we cheat, and no one enforces it here, unless it is a super populated city trail. These out in the country are fine though. I did not know it was a leash state though. I know you probably have dog parks, but my dogs don’t like them. We had a farm when I lived there. The dogs never needed to leave.