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Thursday Reflections: Happiness – what is it?

Thursday reflections… Sometimes one word rises some thoughts. 

Recently, a friend of mine complained that she has not enough time simply to live. I said, of course, that she should survive every moment without leaving something for tomorrow, no need to wait for when there would be more money, bigger houses, a new car, etc. I know, it’s cliche words that everyone is saying. Just years ago I also wanted the faster to buy a big house and thought that when will have it, life will shine in other colors. But I was happy even living in my apartment. I was happy because fate gave me the most beautiful family.

 Now, when I live in that big house, I did not become happier. My children got adults and started their own life. I could perfectly live in my old apartment and the same enjoy life. The house became just a great place to gather a full family at the weekends. Things mean nothing. People around us mean a lot. Happiness comes from them.

Is it so hard to believe that peace can be discovered without much money, beauty, good career and other synonyms of happiness meaning in society? Or maybe if you really want success, start doing things that allow you to be yourself and live your happiest possible life. If everyone around is starting to do something, don’t hurry to do it. There are many ways of happiness, and everyone must discover his own.

My happiness is my family, our constant meetings at one table at least once a week. My happiness is an opportunity to discover the world traveling. My happiness is to wake up in the mornings and still see cheerful eyes of my husband. My happiness is to see how colorful spring is changing a cold winter. My happiness is walking barefoot on the grass in my garden, my happiness is the bird’s song in the morning and a hot mug of coffee, my happiness is a bunch of every day’s small things. My happiness is just life.

What is your happiness? 


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  1. Happiness is in being able to accept where you are.

    I found great wisdom in your piece. There is much to the concept of family that doesn’t have to be in a big house, or with fancy things around. Family is the connection of hearts.


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