Three Sides – Sherry – 7(2)



While Daniel tried to explain and apologise for his repulsive daughter, my eyes touched a calendar.  I realised I was only five weeks pregnant.

Only five weeks.

Throughout my ‘active’ life there had been many men. Then, I settled on Tony.  There was no one else, until he dumped me.     He dumped me and Daniel was there and I took advantage of him, he took advantage of me.  

And between that moment and this one, there had been no one else.  No other man.

I didn’t have to check my diary and ponder who had impregnated me;  it had been only Daniel.  And thinking I would change my life, I would marry Daniel and have his baby….

And then I ‘met’ his repulsive daughter Gabi.  

Well, not really ‘met’ I saw her and she displayed the kind of obnoxious toxic behaviour that would become ‘standard’  if I stayed with Daniel.  If I had his baby…


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Written by jaylar

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