Three Sides Sherry – 3 (2)

Karrie and I had been best friends from the day we met in High School.

We knew our looks and clever personalities would capture all the best men.    We enjoyed playing the field having one off meaningless dates with  boys other girls would die for.

We went into college with the same program, only Karrie met a very rich man; a very rich old man, and thought, why not?

She married him, he gave her everything, and died leaving her very rich.

And all Karrie wanted to do when Vaugn died was relax.  She’d spent her  school years, as I did, going for the popularity, the boyfriends, the gifts, and grades.

She had married for the money thinking how bad could it be?It was.  Vaugn made her miserable, then kindly died.

Died leaving her enough money and property that she never need work;  not work at anything.  


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Written by jaylar

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