Three Sides – Daniel – 7 (1)


After Sherry left i tried to talk to Gabi who had locked herself in her room.  All she said;  “Is she gone?”  

I said, “Yes,”  and Gabi came out, pushed past me, and went to the television.

I didn’t know what to do so went into my room and  called he mother, my Ex, Ellen.  It took her and her husband about three hours to arrive.  They didn’t seem particularly concerned about Gabi.

 Nothing made sense.

I was assuming Brad had… but he hadn’t.

I had no idea what was happening.  

Ellen asked about Sherry and I said she had been and gone, giving me privacy.   Ellen made one of those smug nods, glanced at Brad,  then they asked to talk ‘in private’.

They went into the hallway, outside my apartment, and I couldn’t hear a word.

After just a minutes they returned. They decided that Gabi should stay with me for the next week.


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Written by jaylar

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